ӡƷ Printable Offerings


The Chinese tradition of burning paper gifts for family and friends, who have passed away,
began in 739 A.D., during the Tang Dynasty.

The traditional belief is that when a person dies, their spirit will still need the things
that they used when they were still alive. It is believed that if the spirit not content in
the after-life, he or she will not bring good fortune to the living.

In response to this Chinese tradition and today's widespread access to the Internet, we have
created a range objects to be printed, assembled and offered to loved ones.

Collection 1 has been designed in time for the Qingming Festival (April 5th) - a festival which
encourages people to enjoy the onlinecasinogo.ng Spring season and visit the graves of departed ones. The
collection focuses on everyday objects that play a huge role in Chinese culture, such as the
Octopus travel card and Bic biro.

Collection 2 was designed recently for the Hungry Ghost Festival (August 15th) - a day when
people offer gifts to those who have passed away. The collection focuses on some objects that
were culturally significant in the 20th Century, such as the mass market Nokia 5510 and the
memorable Polaroid camera.

Collection 1 - Everyday Objects

Collection 2 - 20th Century Objects