ӡƷ Printable Offerings


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It is customary within the Chinese community to burn paper gifts for family and
friends who have passed away. These gifts are made of paper and come in many product
types. They can be purchased in selected Chinese shops and supermarkets worldwide.

Printable Offerings re-interprets this Chinese tradition for modern life and lifestyles.

A selection of personalisable gifts are ready to be downloaded as Adobe Acrobat PDF
files, in Collections

All the gifts can be printed on conventional A4 desktop printers. It is a friendly
contrast to existing paper africacasinos.co.za offerings, which are often not made from paper, but metallic
card and even plastics.

With Printable Offerings the production process has shifted from a mass manufacturing
and consumer cycle, to one which is virtual and instantly accessible by people. It also
provides an intimate and personal approach to choosing a gift. Some gifts are
personalisable such as the iPhone and Moleskine notebook.


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